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Installation of Tech-Wood headwall profiles to strengthen collapsed bank BFC Eco-Tech has recently been set up to carry out the supply and/or installation of all Tech-Wood products. Tech-Wood is a Dutch company that started in the early 1990's, developing a Wood Fibre Composite material that would meet the future Environmental requirements of the construction, leisure and drainage industries. After 9 years of development it is now sold all over Europe, the far East and America and is thoroughly tested and proven. It is a totally environmentally friendly product from start to finish. It uses 70% softwood woodfibre (not sawdust) from the waste timber from sawmills and combined with 30% Polypropylene, creates a unique product (Visit Tech-Wood Website).

Tech-Wood looks, smells, handles, and is worked just like wood, but contains and requires no timber preservatives yet has the lifespan of a tropical hardwood, typically in excess of 20 years in the soil or water.

Installation of Tech-Wood Headwall At present, it is produced in three main products, Decking, Siding (weather boarding) and Headwall/Sheetpiling profiles. It can be cut, sawn, drilled just like normal wood but is substantially lighter due to a hollow construction. The decking and siding can come ready coloured and the Siding paint has a 10 year guarantee. It will not warp, split, crack and has no splinters, so is safe to use around swimming pools, or in any public situation.

The Headwall profile comes in up to 6 metre lengths for pond, lake, riverbank or just earth retaining walls and is simple to install and handle. A 6 metre length weighs 40kg so allowing simple manual handling.

All the Tech-Wood products come with a complete installation system meaning no visible fixings and usually no need to drill the product.

Flood Defences and Protection

Bassetts Farm Contracts has the ideal solution to a lot of flooding problems with its unique Tech-Wood sheet pile profile. These piles can be installed either mechanically or even by hand in inaccessible places such as gardens, to create an aesthetically pleasing "fence/wall" that doubles as a flood defence. There is no maintenance and Little space taken up, unlike an earth bund that needs large equipment to install, takes up a lot of space and needs constant maintenance in terms of mowing and weed control.

Whether it is a slot in protection for doors or windows, or a solid defence from 1m upwards in length, and from 300mm to 2m in height, we can usually come up with a solution. We can advise on all types of projects and either supply only or supply and install. Please contact us for advice on all types of water, flood and soil retention and protection.


Bassetts Farm Contracts has recently completed the cladding of newly refurbished offices with Tech-Wood Siding (weatherboarding) - see photographs 15-16 below. This product comes ready painted in black, or many other colours, and so once installed is ready for a long and maintenance free life. It also removes the risk of further working at height to paint it, along with the masking of windows and wait for suitable painting weather, so saving time and money and meeting H & S requirements.

Contact BFC Eco-Tech for further details and samples of all Tech-Wood products. We will be happy to come and see you to discuss the design and installation of any Tech-Wood products you may require. Full technical details and testing and approval certificates can be provided.

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